Born in 2011, with the objective of contributing to the self-sufficiency of Dominican coffee culture, through the cultivation of coffee plantations resistant to rust, specifically of the most important species worldwide: Arabica and Robusta. Its fruits are harvested in farms located in Hato Mayor and Rancho Arriba, noted for their large tracts of land that make them the largest in the Caribbean and important ecological lungs, with a breadth of:

  • 17,400 tarea in Hato Mayor
  • 7,500 tarea in Montenegro
  • 6,000 tarea in Finca Agroforestal, Cuenca Suardí
  • 4,000 tarea in Rancho Arriba

These farms are equipped with facilities for the wet and dry processing of coffee, where the harvested fruit goes through different phases:

  1. It is washed with water in machinery of last generation, with the objective of preserving its quality and good appearance.
  2. To be pulped extracting the grain to proceed to fermentation.
  3. It is washed again and then drained.
  4. Finally, it is dried until it obtains 12% humidity, using drying machines or clothes lines, this last method is used to allow to take advantage of the natural energy source.

In the efforts of expanding coffee cultivation in the country, coffee plant production nurseries were developed, with an installed capacity of 12 to 15 million plants per year.

Sustainable Management Philosophy
All our production processes are governed by the UTZ Certification, an international program that validates the correct implementation of sustainable agricultural practices, as well as the respectful management of our farms and human resources. Respecting communities and the planet.