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Contact Us : 809-566-1010

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We are dedicated to supply various models of coffee machines and products ready to enjoy; oriented to restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, gas stations, clinics, shopping malls and private companies.

As an added value, we offer assistance and technical service for the installation and maintenance of this equipment.


Our Mission

To provide the hotel, commercial and restaurant sectors with products with the freshness and flavor of freshly ground coffee, dispensed through different models of machines that adjust to the nature of each business, maintaining uniformity in the flavor of all our varieties.

Our Vision

To be the model company in the brewed coffee business, preferred because of the freshness and flavor of our products, as well as for our personalized relationship with customers, anticipating their needs and offering an efficient technical service.

Our Values


We provide coffee beans to ensure greater flavor permanence and a product of the highest quality.


We offer a quick response to our customer needs, with a wide range of solutions in the business of coffee and brewed beverages.


We maintain a variety of products according to the taste of the Dominican consumer, offering multifunctional equipment and a wide coverage of the service based on the market need.